The Life We Shared

The Life We Shared...

Loss of a loved one is the most painful experience of this life.

It begins a grief journey that is unique to every individual and every relationship. You need to find your own way at a time when it seems either difficult or impossible to find anything. Others can offer love and support, but no one can give you the sure path that will be the best for you.

The Life We Shared was begun from such a place. A loved one lost, a world blown apart, a not knowing where or how a meaningful life was possible.

But one thought was clear and one truth was known. I was blessed to have shared this life with this one I loved. I could be the biographer of this life. My love deserved to be known, and I could best tell the story. That story is told in the book titled
The Life We Shared”.

Today the organization, The Life We Shared, is a resource for those who have also lost. It provides a community where others know their own loss and where we do not have to explain ourselves to others who cannot understand. It is a place where
the life that was shared can be celebrated, where healing can be experienced and where you can begin to find purpose through the writing of your own story. It’s a place to begin…again…